Saturday Open Dance Night

We are reserving Saturday evening for upcoming public dance events that will include Contra Dancing, Polka Night, Swing Dance, Step Dancing, Hip-Hop and even Ball Room Dancing.

Saturday Night 7-9pm (as scheduled in advance)
114 S Mill Street 1st Floor  
Organizer:  Terry 


North Central Kansas BAC Acoustic Jam Night

Tired of practicing and no place to play? Bring your guitar, banjo, fiddle, ukulele or other acoustic instruments to the arts center to join in a Round Robin Circle.  Musicians of all levels are welcome to join in! 

Second Tuesday of the month

200 S Mill Street 1st Floor  7-9pm  

Organizer:  Wyatt Frohling 


The Beloit Community Choir

Come sing with Gary and friends. This is an open public choir - please join us as we grow. All rehearsals will be at the Performance Studio.

Monday Evening - Fall and Spring
114 S Mill Street 1st Floor  7-8:30 pm 
Organizer:  Gary DeKler


Upcoming Event October 3 - The Pawnee Indians Musical Heritage and Historic Background in Kansas

Celtic Fiddling/Jam Sessions 

Come learn some standard Irish and Scottish Jigs, Reels and Waltzes by ear - the way they are traditionally taught. Bring your fiddle, guitar, mandolin, flute, pipes or drum. These are free, open sessions

2nd Wednesday of the Month
200 S Mill Street 1st Floor  7-9pm 
Organizer:  David Neubert


Beloit Arts Center Public Activities

Public Activities are FREE and open to the public!  Sponsored by the Beloit Arts Center, the Soloman Valley Community Foundation and local businesses.

Call the Beloit Arts Center at (785) 505-1634 for any questions - please leave a message.​​